After a ten year career in business, including private, public and non-profit accounting, I retired my 10-key for good. I was staying at home, enjoying my two children & losing my mind at times, when I decided to get back out my oil paints that I had only longingly stared at over the past decade. I began painting in 2 hour spells almost everyday during my kids naptime. I started small, 8x8 and 8x10 canvas, so I could complete them in the short time I had. It forced me not to over-think or over-work the piece. This is where it began...I was painting almost everyday and I was seeing my style develop and even improve a little.

I have transitioned my oils to acrylics- they are so much more suitable for my life- quick-drying & odorless. Currently, I paint several times a week, often committing to commission paintings for various clients. My studio/office is located at home, but I have a local gallery/shop where many of my original paintings and prints are sold. 

Stating the obvious...Cows are my favorite subject. I love their presence- so calming and gentle (I chose to ignore the "stinky"). A cow painting can ground a room in any style- modern, eclectic, vintage, traditional. 

Admittedly, my degree and professional experience in Accounting has only helped me develop my business in to an actual career. Transitioning between left and right brain functions has proved invaluable in managing my online and wholesale shop.

I truly love to paint... sometimes composing a painting in my head for months before I can get it out with any clarity. Painting changes the way you see the world. I am constantly "translating" life into a painting so I can capture the mystery of the moment on canvas.